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Auto Dealership Promotions For Maximum Return on Investment

Marketing for auto dealers can be a challenge with so much competition and customers who want to shop around before they buy. Shoppers have become immune to common auto dealer promotions. Today, more unique and exciting automotive sales promotions are needed to get shoppers excited about visiting your dealership. We’ve developed a solution of marketing for car dealers that not only excites shoppers and drives traffic to your auto dealership, but also entices shoppers to buy.

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If you are as tired as your shoppers are of the same old auto dealership promotion tactics that your competition is using, you’ll be interested to learn about these car dealer promotion products that have proven successful for auto dealerships across the country. Your auto dealer promotions should embody the excitement and thrill of car buying—and those are the exact principals around which our auto dealer promotion solutions were designed.

We understand the competitive nature of the automotive marketing industry, from capturing online leads, to attracting potential buyers to your dealership, to giving them the incentive to buy. With more than 10 years in the creative marketing industry, we understand what type of automotive marketing promotions truly work to attract customers and get them excited about buying.

The Blizzard of Dollars

The Blizzard of Dollars Cash Cube Money Machine is one of our most popular automotive marketing tools. Not only does it create excitement on the lot, but your contests designed around this event are ideal for radio and television coverage.

Hype up the Cash Cube Money Machine in your car dealer marketing materials to arouse shopper’s curiosity and get them excited about stopping by your dealership for a chance to win.

Imagine the excitement when your potential customer steps into the Blizzard of Dollars and hundreds of customized “dealer dollars” that can be used as down payment dollars on a new car begin swirling around in a flurry.

Once inside the cash cube money machine, shoppers have 25 seconds to grab $200, $300, or even $500 in “dealer dollars” that can be used at your dealership toward a down payment on a new car.

Because these dealer dollars are customized for your dealership, shoppers can only “spend” them toward a down payment on a new car at your dealership – not next door at your competitor’s dealership. With their dealer dollars in hand, shoppers realize that if they walk away from your offer, they will be walking away from hundreds of dollars in “free” savings.

Having these dealer dollars in hand that can only be used toward a car purchased at your dealership is a powerful incentive for shoppers not only to buy, but to buy from you and not your competitor. The Blizzard of Dollars Cash Cube Money Machine is a smart auto dealer marketing tool that also gives fence-sitters a reason to buy today rather than waiting.

There are Cash Cube Money Machines to fit every auto dealership promotion budget. We can even create a custom Cash Cube Money Machine specifically tailored to meet the needs of your auto dealer promotion.

Which one do you think will attract the most attention? If you’re not ready to buy it, try it for your next auto sales promotion. Rent your favorite cash cube money machine for your upcoming auto sales promotion and experience what an atmosphere of fun and excitement can have on your auto sales numbers.

Talk to a live representative online now or call 800-743-2018 about using The Blizzard of Dollars for your car dealership promotions.

Customized Popcorn Machines

Show your auto dealership customers that you care about their needs, and they are more likely to develop the trust required to make their auto purchase from your dealership. Many dealerships offer refreshments to their shoppers and a customized popcorn machine allows you to also provide them with a warm, tasty snack as well.

This high quality custom popcorn machine emblazoned with your dealership’s logo is not only an attractive marketing tool, it serves and important purpose as well.

After long hours spent at the car dealership, customers and their children often become hungry and cranky. Handing them a bag of buttery popcorn is wonderful way to provide your customers with a warm, fresh snack to satisfy their stomachs.

The cost of producing delicious popcorn is so inexpensive that it is the ideal treat to give away for free as a thank you to all of your customers. We even offer customized popcorn bags that can be custom printed with any imagery or auto sales marketing message of your choice.

Choose from budget popcorn machines that can be customized with a plaque or transfer, or choose a completely custom popcorn machine with a screen printed logo, plastic etching, and paint choices to coordinate with your company’s color scheme.

Our customized popcorn machines are a versatile auto sales promotion tool. Take them with you when you visit auto marketing events such as trade shows, community events, and car shows to drive more traffic and get more value from this powerful automotive marketing attraction.

Talk to a live representative online now or call 800-743-2018 about using customized popcorn machines in your auto dealership marketing plan.

The “Cha-Ching!” Slot Machine

You already know how passionate people get about pulling the lever on a slot machine – why not bring some of that passion to your auto dealer promotions?

These are real slot machines, complete will all the bells and whistles, sounds, and thrills of the casino, but without the coins. Instead of coins, potential buyers can win cash-off vouchers that they can spend toward a new car purchase that day.

For car dealer marketing to be truly effective, you must be able to customize the prizes, offers, and experience in a way that works for your dealership.

The beauty of the “Cha-Ching!” Slot Machine as a car sales promotion tool is that you have complete control over its customization.

You decide the prizes. You decide the odds of winning. You decide how exciting and attractive your auto sales promotion will be. Your slot machine will be completely customized from the inside-out with the images of your prizes and incentives spinning inside, driving your customers wild with the thrill of winning.

Not everyone will win the big prizes like cash off of a new car or car kits and accessories – but that’s part of the thrill! No one has to be a loser. Small prizes from sponsors or fun auto dealership promotional items are fantastic ways for everyone to be a winner and for your shoppers to spread the word around town about your dealership. Send your visitors off with promotional t-shirts, hats, pens, mugs, and see how these item drive even more traffic to your auto dealership.

Talk to a live representative online now or call 800-743-2018 about using The Cha Ching! Slot Machine for your next auto sales promotion.

Giant Auto Marketing Balloons and Promotional Inflatables

Need a marketing tool that won’t be ignored? Our gigantic auto dealership promotional inflatables, advertising ballons, and marketing blimps make a bold statement that will drive traffic into your dealership!

How many times have you “discovered” a shop in your own neighborhood that had been there for years but that you never noticed? Refuse to be overlooked with your own giant marketing balloon in any shape you can imagine.

Choose from our stock marketing inflatables such as oversized marketing hot air balloons, inflatable apes, air dancers, or advertising zepplins.

Or let us create a promotional inflatable replica of any object you can imaging, such as a vehicle, your logo or your car dealerhip’s mascot, into a huge marketing inflatable. We can also custom imprint your logo one one of stock advertising balloons for a low cost, high impact outdoor marketing attention grabber.

Promotional inflatable marketing balloons draw serious crowds to your grand opening or sales events. Don’t risk losing business by not alerting the public to your big car sales event. Pull in hugh crowds and rev up sales with high impact custom inflatables that announce your event to the public.

Talk to a live representative online now or call 800-743-2018 about using Outdoor Marketing Balloons and Promotional Inflatables for your next auto sales promotion.

Personalized Car Dealer Promotional Products

Putting your logo on a sleek Thermos, keychain, a free toy for the kids, or a fantastic pen means that your customers are more likely to take these items to their offices and use them around town while spreading your marketing message. What will your customers love to use? Browse through thousands of customizable promotional items and imagine how they will look sporting your logo or auto dealer promotion message.

Our prices on car dealer promotion items are extremely competitive. Our goal is to help you to create a strong presence in the community and build brand awareness around your dealership.

Visit Promotion Now to browse and order auto dealership ad specialties or call 800-743-2018 with questions about customized car dealer promotional products.

The Promotional Prize Wheel

Give car shoppers the incentive they need to buy today when you customize a wheel of chance with dollar savings off their purchase. Let them spin the prize wheel to win cash savings on their new auto purchases with this incredible auto sales marketing tool.

Shoppers love the idea of winning! Create your car sales promotion so that the savings participants win from spinning are only available on their first visit. You’ll be amazed at how many “think about it” shoppers turn into new customers so that they can claim their winnings!

Use the prize wheel as a stand alone auto marketing promotion and incorporate it into your radio and newspaper advertising efforts. Many car dealerships have found the prize wheel to be so effective that the wheel of chance becomes a permanent and integral part of their auto dealership shopping experience.

Rent one of our stock wheels or customize your own for your next car sales promotion. There are sizes and styles to meet any of your car dealership marketing needs from table top prize wheels to stand-alone prize wheels.

We offer a 20.5 inch prize wheel with 12 customizable, interchangeable prize slots if you’d prefer the flexibility of changing your prize panels to match your auto dealership promotion.

We also offer a 72” prize wheel that can be completely customized with your logo in a professional gloss finish. For more versatility, choose a professionally finished wheel of chance with numbers and then assign prizes to various numbers based on your current auto marketing promotion.

Talk to a live representative online now or call 800-743-2018 about using the prize wheel in your automotive marketing plan.

The Prize Vault

If all that stood between you and $10,000 was the code to the safe, would you try your luck? Set the prize vault in your auto showroom and invite anyone and everyone in the community to come down and give the combination a try.

Half of the challenge of increasing auto sales is getting shoppers into your showroom and behind the wheel of a new car for a test drive. The opportunity to win $10,000 is a great incentive to get lots of people into your showroom that may not have been actively looking for a vehicle.

Offer a chance at cracking the Prize Vault to anyone who stops by the showroom or to those who test drive a vehicle to get shoppers excited about the vehicles you have to offer.

The best part of using the Prize Vault in your car dealership marketing campaign is that you don’t have to come up with the $10,000 if someone does win! The entire $10,000 prize is ensured by Lloyds of London, you only pay the insurance.

When customers walk into your dealer showroom to try the combination, they become captivated by the gorgeous vehicles on display, the smell of new leather, and are welcomed by your friendly sales people. The prize vault is a powerful and cost effective auto sales promotional tool that brings new customers into your car dealership and behind the wheel of a brand new car.

Talk to a live representative online now or call 800-743-2018 about using the Prize Vault in your car dealership marketing plan.

Show Stopping Robots

Imagine the talk around town if Rupert the Robot (shown at left) made frequent appearances in your car lot to greet customers and hand out your auto dealership’s promotional items and vehicle brochures.

Getting professionally printed vehicle brochures into the hands of shoppers keeps them thinking about owning a new car long after they leave your auto dealership. While a customer may glance over fliers, pamphlets and brochures sitting on a countertop or table, they will certainly notice when they are handed one by an irresistible robot!

R upert can entertain for 8 straight hours on a single charge and is controlled by a person with a remote that is concealed as a coffee cup. You can purchase Rupert or a robot similar to him for your lobby or rent him for your special auto dealership promotional events.

The Gizmo D. Robot is a gigantic robot that is impossible to miss! This robot is perfect when you need to draw lots of attention in a crowded area. Gizmo can be customized with your car dealership’s colors and logo, acting as signage that won’t be overlooked.

Gizmo will arrive preloaded with a 40 minute custom scripted show to interact with people in your auto dealership parking lot or lobby. All he needs is a flat surface, some and a crowd to entertain!

Talk to a live representative online now or call 800-743-2018 about using show stopping robots in your auto dealership marketing plan.

Customizable Scratch Off Cards

Customizable scratch-off cards are one of the most cost effective and useful auto sales promotional tools to drive new customers into your dealership.

Send out scratch-off cards in mailings to the community with offers to win cash off auto purchases and drive new customers in to your auto dealership.

Many dealerships give away scratch-off cards to customers after test driving a car, allowing them to apply the incentives they’ve won toward the purchase of their new car. There are countless ways to organize a creative auto dealership marketing campaign with these inexpensive scratch-off cards!

Our high-quality scratch-off cards can be printed with any custom design of your choice. If you don’t have a design, our graphic designers work with you to create a scratch-off card that grabs attention.

Scratch-off cards are one of our most popular car sales marketing tools among our auto dealership marketing customers. When shoppers find special pricing discounts and incentives on their scratch cards, they are encouraged to cross that chasm from ‘thinking about it’ to buying that new car they’ve got their eye on.

Automotive promotions should be fun! The sense of urgency to buy created by a scratch card can be a strong motivator to buy today.

Talk to a live representative online now or call 800-743-2018 about using the scratch off cards in your automotive marketing plan.

Automotive Marketing Event Photography

For More Information Click Here
Make your automotive marketing event fun and personal with our event photography services! Not only will our professional event photography specialists capture the excitement of your automotive marketing event in images, our instant onsite printing capabilities allow you to give customers a fun memento.

Our event photography professionals arrive on location with all the gear and props to make your automotive marketing event memorable. With our instant printing services and advanced computer equipment, we can take pictures of your customers on fun backgrounds.

Using green screen technology, our event photography team can produce a photo of your customer behind the wheel of their dream car and place it on the “cover” of a car enthusiast magazine.

These event photography photo mementos aren’t just something to cherish, they serve as powerful marketing material for your company. When your customers and shoppers take the
fun picture of themselves to work or home, it serves as a constant reminder of your auto dealership. If your customer decides to ‘think about’ the car purchase, a picture of him or herself behind the wheel of that great car on your lot can serve as a powerful motivator to come back and buy!

Our event photography specialists can also capture candid shots of your guests as they scramble for bucks in the Money Blowing Machine, spin the Wheel of Chance, or participate in your other auto dealership marketing events.

Talk to a live representative online now or call 800-743-2018 about our event photography services for your next automotive marketing event.

Drive Traffic to Your Auto Dealership Website

More and more potential customers are turning to the internet to find solutions… you’re doing that right now! It doesn’t matter how amazing your website is or how amazing your auto dealership promotion is if your target audience can’t find you online.

We understand the challenge of marketing for auto dealers. Our goal is to help auto dealerships drive traffic—offline and online.

Get listed on hundreds of search engines and important directories where your potential customers are searching with our search engine submission services.

With 3 affordable packages, there’s a solution for every auto dealership promotion budget. Your target audience will put down the money to buy a car – but will they know to buy it from you? Get seen before they spend their money at your competitors.

Search Engine Optimization
Keyword and Geographic Targeting
Pro Submit – Search Engine Marketing
PPC Marketing on Yahoo, Google & MSN
Website Design and Affordable Hosting Plans
Cost effective Internet Marketing Consulting Services

We look forward to helping you make your auto dealership promotions profitable!

Talk to a live representative online now or call 800-743-2018 about driving traffic to your auto dealership website.

Contact one of our Automotive Marketing Consultants now to learn more about the Cash Cube Money Machine, Custom Popcorn Machine, the Cha Ching! Slot Machine, Prize Wheels, the Prize Vault, our Show Stopping Robots, Customizable Scratch-Off Cards, the Portrait Printer, or our high-value low-cost promotional products, or our search engine optimization services for auto dealerships.

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Find Out More About These Auto Dealer Special Promotions

The Blizzard of Dollars Cash Cube Money Machine : An exciting and media-worthy car sales promotion tool where your shoppers earn “dollars” valid only at your dealership for cash savings on a new vehicle.

Customized Popcorn Machines : Make your customers feel right at home after spending long hours at your auto dealership when you hand them a bag of warm, buttery, freshly popped popcorn. Take your customized popcorn machine with you to trade shows and automotive marketing events and watch the crowds gather to get their free bag of popcorn. Best of all, with our custom printed popcorn bags, people spread your auto dealer marketing message as they travel through the event!

Giant Auto Marketing Balloons and Promotional Inflatables: Refuse to be ignored with giant promotional inflatables that announce your grand opening or sales event. Choose from our stock marketing balloons or have us create promotional inflatable to your specifications.

The Cha Ching! Slot Machine: A real slot machine without the coins, but with all the lights and sounds of the casino. You customize the wheel with incentives and decide the odds of winning. The more exciting the prizes and the higher the anticipation, the more media attention, shoppers, and buyers you will attract.

Prize Wheels : Choose a stock Wheel of Fortune or have our designers create a custom printed Wheel of Chance to use in your automotive marketing promotions.

Prize Vault : Draw shoppers into your auto dealership with a chance to unlock the $10,000 inside the prize vault! The winning money is insured by Lloyds of London, so when your customer wins, they get the prize, you get the publicity, and Lloyds of London covers the bill

Show Stopping Robots : Grab attention at over crowded trade shows or busy auto sales malls with a show stopping robot that interacts with your shoppers!

Customizable Scratch-Off Cards : Reach new potential auto customers in your local area for pennies on the dollar with scratch off cards that can be customized for your automotive marketing promotion.

Automotive Marketing Event Photography: Provide car shoppers with fun photo mementos of your auto dealership marketing event. Photos are printed on location with a high-resolution printer for a fun and memorable keepsake. These printed photos not only become treasured mementos, but also serve as powerful marketing and branding tools when shoppers display them in their home or office.

Personalized promotional products: Take advantage of incredibly competitive prices on unique auto dealer promotion items. Advertise giveaways as an incentive to drive shoppers to your location first instead of your competitor’s.

Search engine submission services : Get listed in more than 200 search engines and directories so that shoppers find your dealership’s website when doing research online.

We have worked with hundreds of marketing managers to learn which automotive sales promotions not only drive traffic, but more importantly produce the highest return on investment. Cash Cube Money Machine, Custom Popcorn Machine, the Cha Ching! Slot Machine, Prize Wheels, the Prize Vault, our Show Stopping Robots, Customizable Scratch-Off Cards, the Portrait Printer, or our high-value low-cost promotional products, or our search engine optimization services for auto dealerships work together or alone to produce maximum ROI for auto dealerships around the country.

Call Toll Free 800-743-2018 or 570-689-2018 or reach us by email at to discuss how to use these unique items in your auto dealer promotions. We serve clients from coast to coast and have locations across the country and are available to help you create auto sales promotions that deliver results.

We’re Passionate about Creating Effective Automotive Sales Promotions

Automotive Marketing is a leading solutions provider for auto dealership promotions. We help our automotive clients increase their sales and profits with our knowledge-based approach to marketing for car dealerships. With our depth of automotive industry experience in marketing and sales programs and customer relationship marketing, we design car dealer promotions that drive results.

The more involved we are in your business, the more we can help. Since our inception in 2018 under our founding company Advanced Marketing Concepts, we have designed auto sales promotions for dealerships and auto malls representing many of the manufacturers below:

Alfa Romeo
American Motors
Aston Martin



Land Rover



We are eager to work with you and exchange ideas about your upcoming car dealer promotions. Let us e-mail or fax you a sample non-binding proposal detailing some of our automotive marketing dealership packages and the benefits and savings we can extend to you by working with us! It's easy; just call us for more information Toll Free 800-743-2018 or visit our website at to view our complete online catalog of cash cubes and inflatable money machines.

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We are eager to work with you and exchange ideas. Let us e-mail or fax you a sample non-binding proposal detailing some of our packages and the benefits and savings we can extend to you by working with us! It's easy; just call us or click here for our contact us page.

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